Interlocking Ministries, a nondenominational Christian organization, seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We have been deeply affected by the spiritual hunger and physical needs in Kenya.  We desire to be instrumental in interlocking the Body of Christ to improve youth and adult lives.

Ministries that we support:
  • Children's camping programs
  • Kenyan Churches
  • Christian Schools
  • Support orphan and widow projects
  • Hold pastor’s conferences, discipleship training and church support.
  • Scholarship funds help the believers to attend school.
  • School Chapel programs and
  • True Love Waits clubs.
  • Mission trip dates: (estimated and flexible dates)
    March 17-30, June 15-28,  September 14-27, and  December 3-20
  • Mission trips for up to 6 people.  Under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent.  Download an application to the right.  --->
  • Mission Trip Information Request
    To find out more about a mission trip with Interlocking Ministries, ask your questions here to learn more.
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    Last Name:
    Daytime Phone:
    Application Request:

Download Mission trip application:
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Our Story:
I began going on short term mission trips to Kenya in 2001 with Bay Leaf Baptist Church.  Page joined me in 2005 and Caleb and Tamara in 2008.  When the decisions for Christ began to reach into the hundreds on each trip, we knew there was a momentum of God’s work in the hearts of the people. They believed in God and needed to hear the gospel of salvation. The Kenyan believers are hungry to learn more and disciple others.  With support from family and mentors, we began this journey.

God has led Page and me in a very definite direction that started this nonprofit ministry.  Interlocking Ministries, has launched with great excitement about what God is doing and will do.

Interlocking Ministries will strengthen Kenyan and American believers as we make disciples together.  We know this ministry can succeed with both your prayers and support. 
~Bobby Johnson
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