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How we started:

We were faithfully serving the Lord in New Life Camp ministry since 1983.  In 2001 on Bobby's first Kenya mission trip, he came face to face with spiritually hungry people in western Kenya who believe in a creator God, but didn't know the Gospel.  He found no other evangelical ministry there. After ten years of mission trips, God led us in 2011 into starting Interlocking Ministries to intensify discipleship with an initial focus on camp ministry. This has grown  to other ministries which help the community.

There is a momentum of the moving of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the people there.  We strive together with the Kenyan believers, training them in evangelism and discipleship in the public schools, marketplace, church plants and summer camp programs.  We have also held pastor conferences, marriage conferences and sexual purity training.  We are interlocked with them in a beautiful teamwork called the "body of Christ".  This is why we are called Interlocking Ministries.

We believe that we also need to assist physically with the widows and orphans that are there. We meet regularly with them and the community to pray and discover how to help them meet their needs. We partnered with the Kenyan pastors to hold business seminar sessions followed by the opportunity for micro-finance loans for the ladies to start small businesses. Orphans are placed in family homes and allowed to attend the Christian school.

We invite you to join us in prayer, going on a trip, and/or financial support.

Bobby and Page Johnson

I have known Bobby and Page for almost twenty years.  I have witnessed their passion to take the Good News of Jesus to those who have never heard the Gospel.  The Lord is using them in a powerful way to impact the sinful darkness of Africa with the light of Jesus, and to improve the living conditions for so many African children.  I urge you to support them in this endeavor.  With your help lives will be changed for the Kingdom.
Will Gatling
Missions Pastor, Bay Leaf Baptist Church

We are excited to see how God is leading Bobby and Page in the ministry in Kenya.  God will use Interlocking Ministries in a great way to further His kingdom there.  New Life Camp Kenya will meet a big need.  We pray many will stand in support of this new ministry.
Bob Johnson
Fmr. Director, New Life Camp, Raleigh

On behalf of Children’s Bible Ministries, it is my joy to give our complete endorsement to Interlocking Ministries.  This new ministry will meet major needs which exist between stateside believers and believers from third world countries.
Jerry Traister
Fmr. National Coordinator

“It has been one of the great joys of my time here at New Life Camp to develop a deep bond of love and fellowship with Bobby and Page.  Bobby and I both feel that part of my timing in coming to New Life Camp was to invest in prayer, counsel and discernment towards the leading that God has truly placed on Bobby’s heart! I am so excited for the launch of Interlocking Ministries and to see how God might continue to use our partner ministries for His glory for many years to come!”
Greg Burton
Fmr. Executive Director
New Life Camp, Raleigh
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