Interlocking Ministries, a nondenominational Christian organization, seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We have been deeply affected by the spiritual hunger and physical needs in Kenya.  We desire to be instrumental in interlocking the Body of Christ to improve youth and adult lives.

We hold to the philosophy of helping the poor with the principles that preserve dignity, empowerment and the complexities of the individuals that we learned through experience and through the book we recommend...  "When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself" by Brian Fikkert

Ministries that we support:
  • Children's camping programs
  • Kenyan Churches
  • Christian Schools
  • Support orphan and widow projects
  • Hold pastor’s conferences, discipleship training and church support.
  • Scholarship funds help the believers to attend school.
  • School Chapel programs and
  • True Love Waits clubs.
  • Mission trip dates: (estimated and flexible dates)
    March 18-31, June 15-28,  September 14-27, and  December 3-20
  • Mission trips for up to 6 people.  Under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent.  Download an application below.

Download Mission trip application:

We love to discuss the possibilities of a mission trip for you.  Please contact us with any questions!  There is much to be gained from a well planned short term mission trip.  We take into consideration the long term relationship that we have with the local people and respect their efforts in ministry as we work together.  We also know the power of the testimony as you can share with them what God has taught you in your life.  They are eger to learn from you about Christ.

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